Job Description

Project Overview:

The LGBT Center of Raleigh’s mission is to serve, empower, and advocate for the well-being of

our diverse LGBTQ+ communities. The Center seeks a Grant Writer experienced in writing

successful proposals for nonprofit funding.

Project Goals:

● Secure $250,000+ in grants for the Center

● Research potential grant opportunities

● Prepare several drafts using persuasive language and facts about the Center to explain

why they should receive funding and how they would use the money.

● Communicate with the Executive Director to confirm interest in collaborating with the

Center offering the grant.

● Coordinate meetings with the Executive Director and Staff for input

● Submit grant applications on behalf of the Center

Scope of Work:

● Study and understand the history, structure, objectives, programs and financial needs of the organization.

● Research grant award opportunities from government and non-government agencies.

● Draft grant proposals and supporting documents based on the funding requirements of the organization.

● Submit proposals to grant coordinators for approval.

● Respond to internal and external queries on drafted and submitted proposals.

● Maintain positive relationships with fund providers and other stakeholders.

● Maintain records and submit reports related to grant opportunities.

Evaluation Metrics and Criteria

● Previous experience/past performance writing grants;

● Submission of a proposed plan of approach

● Experience and technical expertise

Submission Requirements: ● Brief cover letter, resume and/or CV, proposed salary range, and brief plan of approach to [email protected]

About LGBT Center of Raleigh

Our Mission

To serve, empower, and advocate for the well-being of our diverse LGBTQ+ communities.

Our Vision

We envision an inclusive world where LGBTQ+ people are thriving, equal, and valued members of society.

Posted 1 year ago
Raleigh, North Carolina
Education Requirement
Bachelor's Degree
Experience Requirement
5-10 years