900 Hour Environmental Steward - Greenhorns

Maine Conservation Corps

Job Description

900 Hour Term: June 5, 2023-November 17, 2023


Housing: Provided-rustic bunkhouse


Days and Hours of Service: 40 hours per week: may include evenings and occasional weekends.


Additional Training Provided: Chainsaw Safety Training


Host Site and Position Overview:

Greenhorns is a 15 year old grassroots non-profit dedicated to supporting careers in organic agriculture. We create programming to welcome young people in eluding networking events, workshops, symposia etc. We make films, run workshops and host artists at our Agrarian Library and campus in Downeast Maine.

The ES will be involved in our “Civilian Climate Corps” (CCC) program, trail making, and resilience planning in Pembroke. The CCC program will include engaging stakeholders, running an all-ages youth camp, and developing an action plan should funding be made available at the federal level. The ES would assist in the construction of a public trail along the Pennamaquan River in Pembroke, which will incorporate interpretive signage on the history of the area. Finally, the ES would assist in a resilience planning process for the town of Pembroke. In addition, the ES will support and work directly with landscape architects and Greenhorns leadership to develop a CCC hub online, available as part of the larger Greenhorns network.

The ES will support CCC curriculum development and implementation, aid in trail construction, and co-facilitate resilience planning for the town of Pembroke. These activities will support Greenhorns’ goals of providing education on sustainability and ecosystem health to the public, improving access to natural commons, and participating in our civic community in order to strengthen our hometown in the face of climate change.


June: Orientation and training; ES will familiarize themselves with the work done thus far, gauge workflow and proposed timeline for goal completion.

July-August: CCC curriculum development and implementation. Assist RISD faculty with program design, support camp activities. Begin trail work; clear brush following local and state regulations, consult with Historical Society for interpretive signage.

September-October: complete trail work; begin stakeholder engagement for resilience planning. Meet with local community groups and civic centers, gather input and translate into action plan.

November: Use community input to develop robust proposal for resilience plan. Bring to the appropriate forum for consideration and adoption.

Description of Duties:

●       Collaborate with partners on development and implementation of a curriculum for all-ages “Civilian Climate Corps” camp

●       Interpret local and state regulations regarding trail construction

●       Assess and carry out trail construction; including clearing brush, limbing trees, mowing, and other trail-related activities

●       Liaise with the local Historical Society to design signage displaying historical uses of the Pennamaquan River

●       Install signage

●       Gather stakeholder input for a town-wide resilience plan; analyze and interpret data

●       Synthesize a comprehensive resilience plan for the town of Pembroke based on community input, as well as qualitative and quantitative research

●       Bring the resilience plan to the town, submit for consideration and/or adoption

●       Be a responsible and considerate member of a cohabiting environment

●       Perform all necessary clerical tasks to ensure proper tracking of hours, timely completion of tasks, seamless coordination with partners, etc.


Essential Functions:

·      Proficiency in Microsoft Office

·      Familiarity with trail work (chainsaw training provided)

·      Ability to analyze information and synthesize concise, written material

·      Ability to work with multiple partners on several projects at once, maintaining time management and prioritizing efficiently

·      Ability to work in both an office and out in the field for 8 hours per day. Ability to lift at least 75lbs.

·      Ability to operate a motor vehicle.

·      Ability to communicate effectively and professionally

·      Strong organizational skills

·      Demonstrates excellent writing skills

·      Ability to manage time effectively

·      Familiarity with mountain hiking trails

·      Experience with general maintenance skills

·      Willingness and physical ability to participate in a variety of conservation projects, which will include using power and hand tools

·      Heavy lifting, bending, and carrying up to 50 pounds

·      Walking across steep or uneven terrain

·      Serving in extremes of heat or cold, as well as being exposed to biting and stinging insects

·      Ability to hike 3-12 miles per day in rugged terrain, often carrying heavy gear and tools


Marginal Functions:

●       Experience in policy writing

●       Experience in trail design and planning

●       Experience in community engagement or community organizing


Service Conditions:

·      Service includes indoor office settings and outdoor field settings

·      Service is performed outdoors in all weather conditions and biting and stinging insects

·      Service involves some physical labor, occasional hiking with gear and tools over difficult terrain

·      Service involves travel to nearby locations around Pembroke (*20 mile radius)

·      Summer living conditions there will not be running water, electricity, or wifi in the housing location. In the winter, these amenities are provided. During the summer, the ES may use the outdoor cooking and washing facilities at the home farm, and access wifi at one of several other buildings.

·      Service involves frequent communication to multiple parties, and may include electronic, telephonic and/or in-person communication

·      Service involves managing time effectively and completing tasks with attention to detail

·      Service will require the ability to self-motivate, serve independently and collaboratively


Site Specific Qualifications:

·      Experience in community education, engagement, or organizing

·      Experience in program management or program development

·      Experience in trail work and maintenance

·      Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Biology, or related field

·      Proficient with Microsoft Office, databases, desktop publishing and websites preferred

·      Ability to critically think and solve problems

·      General ability to serve independently in the field and maintain equipment, as well as an affinity for leading activities and discussions with volunteers and the public



·      Weekly living allowance of $400 (before taxes) for 24 weeks

·      AmeriCorps Education Award of $3,247.50

·      Health insurance, if eligible

·      Certifications in the National Incident Management System, some members will also receive MCC Chainsaw Safety Certification

·      Conferences such as the Maine AmeriCorps Member Conference

·      Networking opportunities

·      Maine State Park Pass

·      Some members may also be eligible for student loan forbearance and childcare reimbursement

·      A small number of Host Sites also offer housing as part of their position

Orientation and Training Topics:

Members will participate in up to five orientation and training days, typical topics include: Intro to AmeriCorps, Prohibited Program Activities, MCC, Host Sites and You, OnCorps reporting, Portfolio Development, Professional Communication, National Incident Management Systems, Leave No Trace, Intro to Trails, Tool Safety, Use and Maintenance, Interpretive Programs. Initial orientation and training will likely include some virtual aspects in 2023.


Job readiness training, such as resume writing, job search components, appropriate workplace behaviors, and interview skills will be taught throughout the term of service. Additional training may be provided by the Host Site.


Volunteer Engagement

The Environmental Steward will utilize the Essential Volunteer Management Practices to improve the site’s volunteer program.


The MCC ES will also recruit and promote volunteer opportunities from the local community, businesses, and social organizations to accomplish trail projects. The MCC will assist members in identifying potential outreach opportunities, best approaches, and promotion of events to increase volunteerism at the Host Site by using the Essential Volunteer Management Practices. The ES will improve the sustainability of the overall volunteer program.


To Apply: Go to our website to complete an online application, and email a copy of your resume and a cover letter to [email protected]. You will then be contacted with further instructions. If you have any questions, please direct those to the email above as well.

About Maine Conservation Corps

Established in 1983, the Maine Conservation Corps is an AmeriCorps Program made up of dedicated members, staff, partners, and volunteers serving the community and environment of Maine. MCC builds upon the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930's by providing people of all backgrounds with structured service opportunities. Our placements promote leadership and personal development through a strong tradition of conservation and natural resource stewardship.

MCC members are a diverse group of people that commit to serving anywhere from 3 to 11 months. Many are students, recent graduates, or career changers looking to give back and gain experience in the field of natural resources. All are united in service to the State of Maine, its communities, and the conservation and preservation of our environment.

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Augusta, Maine
Education Requirement
Bachelor's Degree
Experience Requirement
1-5 years