Program Director

Resilience High Point

Job Description

Resilience High Point seeks a visionary and strategic individual who has the passion to work to strengthen the community and empower residents to be partners and leaders in this effort. We seek an individual who will work with the Board of Directors to create strategies and initiatives to supports its mission of creating a compassionate community of promise and opportunity.

The Program Director reports to the Board of Directors and has primary responsibilities for the following areas:

- Taking the lead on implementing the core efforts of convenings, the compassion charter, conversation cafes, resource awareness activities, community events, and community connector support.

- Strategizing and working with the Board to develop relationships with various organizations for the purposes of achieving desired goals and objectives as outlined in our strategic plan.

- Providing monthly reports on their activities at board meetings to include financial reporting.

- Provide an excellent level of stewardship within the community and engage critical partners, securing their investment in the concepts and initiatives of the project.

- Ensure delivery and outcomes through social media platforms.

- Supporting, in collaboration with the Board, the development of a process to engage the community to create solutions to issues identified in the needs assessment.

- Developing strategies, in collaboration with the Board, to address identified priorities and measure subsequent progress on organizational benchmarks as outlined in our strategic plan.

- Providing insight to grow the RHP Alliance to strengthen its sustainability long-term.

Posted 1 year ago
North Carolina
Full Time